Brooklyn Rocksteady Documentary: Watch it!

The Hard Times are happy to have been out there when rocksteady, reggae, and dirty reggae really got happening in Brooklyn and contributing what we could to all the gigs, Dirty Reggae Parties, underground / overground.  Director Sam Gursky has now released the long-awaited Brooklyn Rocksteady doc, covering not only the latest greatest from NYC reggae and ska, but also doing a fine job of covering the history of traditional ska and reggae music in New York. Most of your favorite names from Moon, Stubborn and Version City make an appearance here, all leading up to the sweet spot of the newest stuff coming out in 2009 and thereafter.

Hard Times are well-represented here, with our home-grown tune, Chandelier, not only on the soundtrack but also providing a good bit of the background for the preview clip and the film. Bob Timm and Jacob Wake-Up pop up in the doc a few times to add their perspectives on the scene, and then there’s a good segment on the Hard Times in the final section on today’s bands.

You can check out everything about Brooklyn Rocksteady right here. Watch the doc, buy a copy, buy a t-shirt, and don’t forget to get your hands on the soundtrack from Whatevski Records.

Most importantly, here’s the full documentary, streaming for free. Enjoy!


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