Don’t Take Our Word For It, Listen to Duff

We couldn’t be more flattered by the most recent review of our “Two Bucks For Bob” EP from the Duff Guide To Ska. Duff has been blogging about ska since there was blogging to be done, and was also an integral part of Moon ska. In short, as they say on their home page, “The Duff Guide to Ska–we really care about ska music, man.” Duff is an authority on this stuff, they know what they’re talking about.

The three stellar instrumental cuts you’ll find on the digital-only Two Bucks for Bob EP are on par with those from other early reggae heavyweights on the scene like The CaroloregiansKing Hammond, and The Bullets. Truly, this is some sweet stuff.

They also take the time really break down each track, which is somewhat of a lost review art. Read the full review at Duff Guide To Ska. There’s also a wealth of reviews, news, video clips, and more, so spend some time getting to know the guide if you haven’t already.

Duff gave us an A, better than any grade I ever got in school. How do you grade the EP? Buy it from Whatevski.

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