Marco on the Bass, on our EP, and on the Scene

Big ups to Marc Wasserman of Marco On the Bass for the new review of our EP and the reggae scene in NYC. Marc has been blogging the scene since the early days of blogging so for sure give him a read. He takes the time to set the scene, explain the sound, shares some vids, and takes the time to profile us and The Forthrights.

These are interesting times to be a fan of American ska music. During the late nineties and early 2000’s, the more traditional sounds of ska, reggae, rocksteady and 2-Tone were overwhelmed by a surfeit of generic ska-punk bands who took the ‘skank’ rhythm and horn melodies of the genre while seemingly ignoring its essence and soul …. In contrast, there has been a growing movement of bands that are eschewing the sounds of ska-punk, instead combining 60’s soul, ska and rocksteady into what can loosely be called ‘dirty reggae’. In New York where I live, two bands —The Hard Times and The Forthrights — have emerged and are making waves by performing their own soulful and danceable versions of dirty reggae.

One also has to mention our good friends The Frighteners and Royal City Riot (RIP The Equilibrians) in talking about bands making this all happen. Timing is everything and we’re just glad to be a part of it.

Also take a minute to give a listen to his band Bigger Thomas!

… and grab our EP while you’re at it.

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