Punky Reggae Was a Blast, Dirty Reggae Coming Fast

We here at Hard Times Reggae Headquarters are still sorting through all the reverberations, feedback and followup from one of our more intense shows yet, playing on Night 2 of the Punky Reggae Fest in Brooklyn this past weekend. Check out the Duff Guide to Ska’s review of our set, along with some choice selections from our set, as well as The Bluebeats.

As an instrumental dirty/skinhead reggae outfit, they are amongst the very best (check out their “Ricochet Rocket” video below or the incredible, crescendoing tension in “Samba Snake” before it shifts to a major key)–but they take it to a whole new level when they include guest vocalists: Elizabeth Goffe sang a crazy good version of the Lee “Scratch” Perry/Max Romeo classic “I Chase the Devil” and the aforementioned Coolie Ranx put his excellent imprint on The Hard Times’ instrumental “Two Bucks for Bob” (the videos I took are below). The only odd note was the slam dancing that broke out toward the end of the set and threatened to overwhelm everything.

You can find all the viddy’s there or on YouTube, but the clip of Colossus Reggae gives you a nice view into the vibe for the night, and the punky reggae people in the audience.

We’ll be back at the fine establishment known as The Lake on January 25th, for Dirty Reggae Party VIII. Check the Facebook event for all the details.

Dirty Reggae Party VIII

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