Tough Times Indeed

As we prepare to bid farewell to our bass player, songwriter, and friend, Juan Cardenas on the bass, we found ourselves back in the auditioning room. I forgot how grueling this process was. We’ve been fortunate enough to have had the same line up for the past two years. It took a few months to get off the ground, but once we had the right team we were up and running.

We’ve got 3 guys coming in tonight, all of which are promising to some degree. Will they be a replacement for Juan? Likely not. Will one of them be a great new addition? That’s what we’re hoping for. Juan created so many of the riddims we use now so certainly he was well-rounded in that respect, but who knows what the next guy will bring to the table.

Juan’s last show is Nov 13 out in Long Island (close to Queens!) at Porky’s. Best be there to wish Juan good luck before he heads to tinseltown.

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